Unpaid internship position available at Clarety Global Investments.

Skills Summary. The successful candidate has excellent organizational skills, fluency in business presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote, intermediate Excel skills, flexibility and attention to detail. Business and financial knowledge is helpful. Concepts used will include budgeting, forecasting, investment modeling, valuation, and various return on investment performance indicators. 

Benefits to Intern. The position, though non-paid, will be structured with the intern to advance both the firm's goals and specific, identified objectives that matter to the intern. 

Work with an internationally experienced, high performance team as we establish two new global private equity funds. 

As an intern you will learn:

  • How to research and evaluate global partners and investors 
  • How to structure, organize, promote, and manage private equity funds
  • How to communicate to investors of different types
  • How to use modern software tools to manage global operations in India, Europe, Africa, and the United States
  • How to organize teams using project management software
  • How to update websites using content management systems
  • How to organize, market, and execute seminars and webinars

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • A degree in business, or at least junior- to senior-level business education, and at least preliminary familiarity with corporate finance and valuation 
  • Excel skills (intermediate) Keen analytical skills and a creative problem-solving approach
  • Strong communications and customer service skills
  • Strong desire to learn about private equity funds, regulatory and compliance requirements, and international capital sourcing

Compensation: This is an unpaid position. It may lead to an employment offer, but this is not guaranteed. 

Location: You may choose to work at home upon request. Normal business location will be 2 Wisconsin Circle, Suite 700, Chevy Chase, MD, right above the Friendship Heights Metro stop (Red Line).

Office hours: Normal Clarety office hours are 9am to 5:30pm. 

Hours needed: We estimate 10-20 hours per week.

Duration: The internship position is currently estimated to last nine months. The successful candidate need not commit to a full nine-month tenure, however. 

Applicants, please submit a CV and an American English writing sample of no more than three pages to the following email address: interns@claretyglobalinvestments.com.