Clarety currently works on:

  • Private equity funds, focused on international biopharmaceuticals, media, and hospitality.
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New development finance initiatives in Africa
  • Technology intellectual property investments
  • Analytics investments
  • Wealth management consulting featuring family office operational transformation and building strategic alliances between family offices and key funds and registered investment advisors

 We are not currently seeking additional opportunities.


Clarety Global Investments is currently structuring and taking to capital markets three major funds, Global Biopharm Opportunity Fund-1 (GBOF-1), a biopharmaceutical virtual development project finance fund; a fund of hedge funds; and a hospitality fund focusing on restaurants. Partnering with sector experts, Clarety offers actively managed venture portfolios using advanced strategy and performance monitoring with significant principal protection through a high-performing, non-correlated alternative asset. 

This is not an offer of securities. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Clarety works with its partner, MergerWorks, to help finance and execute mergers and acquisitions. We also assist in structuring joint venture projects with principal protection that can serve to attract private capital on a project basis. In the context of young public companies, such structures may benefit valuation. If you are public company chief financial officer or chief executive officer, please inquire for more information.

Banking, Energy, and Food Access in Africa

Clarety Global Investments features partners and strategic alliances with top players in banking in  Africa and plans to expand to invest in, and operate, financial solutions in this sector and region. Our approaches to risk management suit the African context and engage various sector actors to produce attractive returns.

This is not an offer of securities.