Clarety Global Investments focuses on opportunities with potential to create high yields while managing downside risk. Risk management features A-team advisory, emphasis on investee use of independent board members not affiliated with Clarety, leading indicator analysis, and other approaches. At the private equity and venture capital level, we also deploy hedging instruments that are high-yield and low-risk.


Our partners have held leadership positions for major international banks, managed international commodities transactions, supervised and led billion-dollar integrations and acquisitions, advised top global companies on management and finance, and shaped significant deals using alternative assets. We have partners and capital reach in West and South Africa, Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Central America, and China.

In addition to active partners below, Clarety relies on a number of firm partners and close advisors to extend our capabilities in Africa and the Caribbean, and in trade finance, small and medium bespoke debt products, and multi-market pharmaceutical clinical development and registration strategy development.


Raja Jandhyala, Managing Director


Rajakumari Jandhyala brings more than a decade of experience in  national security, public policy reforms, and private sector investment strategies. As USAID’s deputy assistant administrator for Africa from 2010 to 2013, she directed Central, East, and Horn of Africa development policies, managing more than $5 billion in foreign assistance programs, overseeing 500 staff members in Washington D.C., and supervising the activities of 13 USAID missions across Africa.

As founder and manager of U.S. Agency for International Development’s Private Capital Group for Africa (PCGA), she worked with the private sector investment community, USAID missions, and foreign governments across Africa to unlock investment opportunities in clean energy, health, and agriculture in addition to advancing the presidential initiative Power and Trade Africa. She coordinated and oversaw strategic partnerships with companies such as J.P. Morgan, Citibank, and Symbion Energy to accelerate private investments in key sectors to leverage U.S. investments and scale up development impact. In addition, she teamed up with J.P. Morgan to design and launch of the $25 million African Agricultural Capital Fund (AACF), which aims to boost profitability of Africa’s undercapitalized agriculture sector.

Prior to USAID, Ms. Jandhyala worked as a senior advisor and head of the Peace and Security Division in the Department of State’s Office of the United States Special Envoy to Sudan.

As senior policy advisor to the governments of Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Angola, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Kenya, Djibouti, Chad, Somalia, Ghana, and Cote D’Ivoire, she advised on complex political and economic transitions in challenging security environments.

Over the last two decades, governments have engaged her to develop and launch national strategies for peace negotiations, to deploy peacekeeping missions, to carry out complex policy reforms in security and development, and to manage crises fueled by insurgencies, terrorism, resource competition, and political transitions. Some of her appointments include: senior strategic advisor to the Government of Nigeria in the Office of the Vice President; senior conflict advisor to the Government of Uganda in the Office of the Prime Minister; senior advisor to the Ministry of Defense in the Democratic Republic of Congo; senior peace and security advisor to the African Union; senior advisor to the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development; special advisor to the United Nations Special Representative to DRC; national coordinator in the Government of Sierra Leone in the Office of the President; advisor to the Government of Angola Ministry of Defense in support of the Luena agreement; reconstruction advisor to the Government of Liberia in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning; and public sector management consultant with the World Bank on poverty reduction and economic recovery issues.

Ms. Jandhyala holds a master’s degree in international public policy from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sierra Leone.

Olivier Jarry, Partner

Olivier is an experienced global executive who has created top line (above $1.4 billion) and bottom-line growth. He has successfully managed and concluded acquisitions, divestitures and alliances (in excess of $1.1 billion). He has also negotiated nine-digit commercial and supply agreements in the Americas, Europe, Russia, India, China and Japan. He leverages his experience in digital technologies in management contexts to reduce information costs and increase return on assets. 

Olivier has spent three decades working in top global companies to advance his passions in improving health and living standards throughout Western and Eastern Europe, and the Americas and Asia, while also generating sustainable, profitable growth.

At Novartis, Olivier designed and implemented new business models to improve access to medicines and supplemented nutrition. In Mexico, he and his team designed a new line of affordable baby nutrition products to be sold in rural areas in partnership with a major distributor and including fortification formulated in partnership with the authorities and pediatricians associations. The introduction of this “trading-down” line combined with a premium (“trading-up”) line contributed to regain the 100 percent market share that was under attack from three global competitors.

In India, he led the piloting and implementation of a new, for-profit, drug commercialization channel to rural areas, featuring an adapted portfolio (combining prescription and over-the-counter drugs), some redesigned products, frequent awareness and screening sessions in thousands of villages, and the upgrading of local capabilities of distributors, pharmacists, and physicians. This business is now covering 50 million villagers.

In 2009, when the H1N1 global pandemic flu spread globally, he redirected his team to address the needs of governments in Western and Eastern Europe and closed the first sale for Novartis (several hundred million Euros) followed by several other throughout Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.

At Bayer Diabetes, Olivier coordinated the successful launch of five new products in a year (previously, the division was launching a new product every few years). Included was a unique handheld hemoglobin A1c meter, which quickly became a best seller for self-use in the United States and changed the habits of health care professionals in emerging markets.

At Bristol-Myers Squibb, he upgraded commercial and market access talent for the $1 billion Emerging Markets division to support the launch and growth of innovative medicines in the areas of oncology, virology, rheumatology, cardiovascular, and diabetes.

Prior to Olivier's work in the pharmaceutical industry, he was vice president of mergers and acquisitions for Danone in their worldwide beverages division, and also served as the company's vice president of finance, customer service, logistics, and strategy in the United States. He also spent almost 12 years at Accenture as an associate partner in their durable and consumer goods practice. Olivier has his MSc in aerospace from Ecole Centrale de Paris, an M.S. in defense systems from the Delegation Generale pour l"Armament, and a global executive MBA from TRIUM (NYU-Stern, London School of Economics, and HEC-Paris). 

Paul Ward, Managing Partner


Paul is the founder of Clarety Global Investments. He is also co-founder of MergerWorks, a mergers and acquisitions advisory. He sits on the board of several companies spanning cloud and mobile sectors.

An investment banker and consultant to companies including multinationals and sector-leading services companies, he assists companies in improving value through capital restructuring, entity rationalization, and governance and management advisory.

His experience includes financial modeling, valuation, public company and precedent transaction analysis, leveraged buyout modeling, and accretion/dilution modeling in a mergers and acquisitions context. Paul's past and current activities focus on fund structuring, capital raise, and partner development. Fund structures feature structured products and high-yield, low-risk financial products that improve the risk-reward profile of venture investments. Teamed up with globally recognized oncology drug development scientists, he currently leading Clarety in bringing to market a $500 million hedge fund that de-risks pharmaceutical project finance, the Global Biopharm Opportunity Fund-1. In collaboration with major international investment banks, he extends this architecture to fund-of-hedge-funds.

Previously, Paul served as a leading management consultant and thought leader in customer experience management in an international, cross-cultural context, in which he linked integrated risk management and econometrics with go-to-market strategies. He has taught global executives in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, and London to deliver training and education in customer experience management. He has also taught at American University in Washington, D.C. and The University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business Executive Education program as a guest lecturer. He has published a peer-reviewed journal article on globalization strategies shaped around a modification of risk-adjusted return on capital that incorporates practical approaches to risk measurement and mitigation in international operations.

He holds a global executive M.B.A. from TRIUM (NYU-Stern, the London School of Economics, and HEC-Paris), and B.S. in mathematics from Davidson College in North Carolina. He also completed comprehensive training in advanced financial modeling, mergers and acquisitions, and leveraged buyout structuring at Investment Banking Institute.